Meet Anthea


Anthea was born and raised in Texas where she fell in love with the food, the culture, and friendly spirit that Texas represents. After graduating from West Point and serving in the Army as a Signal Officer, Anthea spent 10 years in the corporate world filling leadership positions and helping her team meet business goals. While working full time, Anthea worked nights and weekends until she received a Graduate degree in International Relations.

Anthea has an extraordinary work ethic and with her experience as a corporate leader and military officer, can help navigate through difficult situations with confidence and grace. Anthea is a native Spanish Speaker and lifelong learner who you can count on to provide counsel in any situation.

When working with Anthea, you’ll be working with a professional who has a proven record of getting the job done. Go ahead and click on the “Let’s Connect” menu item so we can partner together and help you get to the closing table smoothly!


Selling a Home?

We get it, selling a house can be stressful. You’re probably thinking… “Is right now the best time to sell?” We have the tools to make sure you succeed.

Buying a Home?

We get that buying a house can be scary on a seller’s market. My team and I closed over 50 transactions last year and can help navigate you to your dream home.

Work With Anthea

We’re based out of Austin TX, but through partnerships and our broker Phyllis Browning Co, we are able to help buy or sell homes all over the world. We have your best interests at heart and immense knowledge of the Austin Metro Area region.

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